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Stainless Steel Hinge Production Process Featured

hinge production 33

Our 3000m2 factory focus on manufacturing quality Stainless Steel Hinges with a capacity of 400,000 pairs/month. Here we give a brief introduction of Stainless Steel Hinge Production Process.

hinge production 31

Stainless Steel Cutting by Laser Cutting Machine

Typically, the raw material of stainless steel hinge are in the form of stainless steel sheet or coil. The first step is to cut it into small sheet according to the size of hinge.

hinge production 9

Stamping Process

Stamp on stainless steel small sheet to get hinge leafs. Stamped hinges offer high quality, precision, and at lower cost than machined or extruded hinges, due to the efficiencies of progressive die metal stamping.

hinge production 10

Stamped Stainless Steel

hinge production 12

Piercing Process

Cutting holes in hinge through Press Machine 

hinge production 13

Hinge after Piercing

hinge production 14

Forming the Knuckles Step 1 

The knuckles (the part that wraps around the pin) receive their first forming operations Through Press Machine.

hinge production 16

Forming the Knuckles Step 2 

2nd forming of the knuckles to shape round knuckles.

hinge production 15

Operation of Forming the Knuckles Step 2 

hinge production 17

Removing Sharp Edge of Hinges

After the previous operations, the edge of hinges are sharp and easy to tear anything that rubs against them. It is necessary to remove the sharp edge for safety and prepare for the next operations. 

hinge production 18

Polishing Process

The two leafs of a hinge will be assembled as a semi-product hinge with a temporary pin before Polishing. Polishing is operated according to the desired finish, and preparing for plating if it will be applied. 

hinge production 4

Semi-product after Polishing

hinge production 32

Plating Process (optional)

Our hinges are plated through advanced plating equipment by our professional plating suppliers. Quality and stable plating finish is one of our advantages comparing to our competitors. 

hinge production 7

Quality Inspection of Semi-product

100% inspecting the finish, the leaf, the holes, and the sharp edge whether they are passed for next operations.

hinge production 23

Stamping Logo and Marks

Customized Logo or Certificate Marks are stamped on Hinges through Press Machine. 

hinge production 22

Removing Temporary Pin Process

Temporary pins are removed from the semi-product hinge to prepare for final assembling.

hinge production 26

Hinge Assembling Process

Hinge leafs, ball bearing, pin, and tips are assembled into a final hinge. Quality grease is adopted. No leaking, suitable damping. 

hinge production 21

Hinge Assembling Process

hinge production 6

Packing Screws Process

Screws are automatically packed through screw packing machine.

hinge production 25

Machining Process

Manufacturing control box structure, solid valve body, water filter, copper connecting part.

hinge production 2

Inspection of Final Hinge

100% inspection of final hinges. Qualified hinges are then packing into PP bags with a soft pad paper between two leafs. 

hinge production 8

Packing of Final Hinge

Qualified hinges are packed into small box with screws. 

hinge production 3

Carton Packing for Shipping

Small boxes would be packed into carton then strapped with strapping tape.

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